Embracing Change

by admin

Embracing Change

My husband and I took our son for his first official haircut when he was fifteen months old. The trauma of the event was not significant, but the energy exchange during the event was decidedly intense. My son went from sitting on my lap and enjoying the process while my husband entertained him to the opposite end of the spectrum, screaming and struggling to be let down. As you can imagine, it was an emotional roller coaster for all three of us.

For several months I’d been hearing from various experts on the issue things like, “He needs a big boy haircut!” or “I love his hair; the curls are adorable,” or “She’s precious! Oh, sorry! He’s so beautiful I just assumed he was a girl.” Geez! So despite the fact that I loved my son’s hair longer with curls peeking out from under the cap, I knew it really was time for a haircut. Still, something inside me desperately desired to keep my son as a baby for as long as I possibly could. The haircut was representative of the first apron string to be cut.

The external trigger was the haircut, which I recognized as soon as we entered the salon. The internal stress, on the other hand, took me more than three hours to release. Despite the fact that I have tools like EFT and Be Set Free Fast in my emotional toolbox that I can take with me any time, the stress of the situation felt like the layers of an onion were being slowly peeled away in the aftermath.

Those internal stressors were mine to experience and deal with. Even after fifteen years of personal growth work, I still recognize that stressors like indigestion due to the need to digest the experience or the feeling of needing to snack that’s related to feeding the need of being needed are critical in my continued growth, especially as I watch my newborn daughter grow and change at such a rapid rate.

I share this experience with you because it illustrates the fact that you will always face new challenges that require you to push further than you thought possible, regardless of how long you have worked toward improving yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. When my clients experience times like this, I encourage them to embrace the change so the new void can become a warm and loving space that’s prime for filling with new experiences.

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom.