Empty Nest, Good or Bad?

by admin

Empty Nest, Good or Bad?

My husband and I have yet to figure out what is so great about being empty nesters. Our twenty-year-old daughter is a junior in college and been gone for a couple of years now. Even though she is attending college in our hometown and lives in an apartment (that we pay for) just ten miles away, the house does seem empty without her.

And yes the house is cleaner, and yes we can make love in the morning, and yes we can go away for the weekend without making arrangements for her but so what?

We find ourselves looking longingly at young parents at soccer games on Saturday as we walk the track. If a dance recital is taking place in the local mall we will stand there for the entire thing even though we don’t know one girl in it!

A while back I figured out that God made teenagers because if children stayed as lovable and wonderful as they are up until age ten we would never be able to let them go. But I even miss the teenage years with all its angst. I am only thankful that my husband and I enjoy being together and that we share lots of common interests. Can you imagine living the rest of your life in a home void of your children if you did not like your spouse?