Empty- Nester: What do I do now?

by admin

Empty- Nester: What do I do now?

I have had all three of my daughters get married within one year of each other and move out of the home. My son left right behind them and I go" yeah!", I will have the whole house to my self; too much house if you ask me." I have three bedrooms, two full closets and a basement that are all calling for me to redo, revise and remake. What do I do now? I am overwhelmed with emotions, reminiscing about the happiness of a full house gone empty and now I am standing idle alone with my husband of course looking content because he finally has me all to himself.

What do I do now? Too much to do with so much space and whew just thinking of all the task and chores that are now right before me. I thought I would be coming home from work staring into open space finally feeling rested and free but now each room is calling my name to complete and change into my dream space that I longed for since my children was babies. Someone should have told me that those dreams change once you get older and the children move out. Great, I need them now to help me move the furniture!

I realized that moving on to the next phrase of my life is not so bad if you don't think about all the things you must do.I am not complaining. Embracing the next phrase is life changing and emotional. Empty- nester feelings can be and will be my journey in getting to know my furniture all over again and of course my husband who is waiting patiently for me to plan everything. When does this end!!