Ever Wonder … ?

by admin

Ever Wonder … ?

Spread-eagle on the lawn, creating creatures out of clouds,
A youngster wonders what’s behind the sky …
It seems forever backwards had to start somehow,
But what’s beyond nothing and then beyond that, and why?

For a moment his mind soars with Asimov,
With Galileo, he echoes: “It moves!”
He gazes with Newton as baseballs fall,
Clamps hands over ears; a jet booms!

That evening at supper, he queries,
Between: “Pass the potatoes and peas;” 
A shake of the head from Papa,
From Mama: “Clean your plate, please.”

That night mumbling prayers to his pillow,
He wonders if rocket ships fly,
To where angel robes puff and billow,
In those places beyond the sky.