Evolution into Motherhood

by admin

Evolution into Motherhood

It seems like a lifetime ago-but it's not, when I was consumed with myself, quite a bit, quite a lot.

My thoughts were of boys-Men to be exact, good qualities, bad qualities; I didn't care what they lacked.

Then were my other priorities you see, my nails, clothes and playing-Life was all about me.

A pedicure every third week was a must; if I missed I would hide my feet in disgust.

Cute clothes were very important of course; I'd spend two weeks pay without any remorse.

I was a little naive about certain things, like being a mother; I didn't know what it means.

A mother yelling at her children in the store I would see, child abuse it is, it really must be!

A worn looking mom, with no-make up, her hair barely brushed; I'd wonder; what could have made her so rushed?

I wasn't a bad person, for being this way, just living a single girl’s life day to day.

And then one day it happened, I met a good guy, he liked me for me; I did not need to try.

What fun we had together, going here and there, life was still pleasant, free from most care.

Finally, we married; my new life was here; it was fun and exciting, not much to fear.

I'd always loved children, and wanted a few, but how much work it would take; I just never knew.

I had the very best partner, a husband who loved me, the most awesome friends, and the perfect family.

My heart was filled, full of love to the top, the happiness I felt; my heart surely would pop.

And then came the day, I'd been waiting so long, a baby was born, but I had been wrong.

My heart wasn't filled, full to the top; something happened that day, and it just wouldn't stop.

I began to love someone much more than me; it was my baby, my angel, my own child; you see.

I still loved my family, friends and sweetheart; this was a new love that was beginning to start.

How much would that love grow? I never guessed; each day that passes; I know I am blessed.

Since the day, my first baby came; life is much different, no longer the same.

Sleep is a lot less nowadays, waking when it's still dark, not to the sun's rays.

The hair, nails and clothing all have changed a bit too, daily sweats, and a ponytail is my regular hairdo.

Taking care of the children now always comes first, some days I believe that my head just might burst.

A soak in the tub, a shower each day, how to find the time? There must be away.

Out and about at the playground or store, I will see a cute mother, whose looks I adore.

Perfect hair, flawless make-up, stylish put together clothes, what’s her trick? What's her secret? Surely, somebody knows.

My sweet, wonderful husband, bless his kind heart, this is not how I looked, or I was, in the start.

Shopping is much different, when I get the guts to go, it's much more of a chore, than fun, you know?

Snapping at my children, while waiting in a long line, those traits I saw from other moms have suddenly become mine.

I look in the mirror at myself, and I see; I am looking at that worn-out mom, except for now; it is me.

Some days I feel overwhelmed, I truly need a break; even so, to say I can't do this would be a huge mistake.

While looking in the mirror, there is something else I see, behind the worn-out face, there is a new beauty hidden in me.

A beauty that has not come from things, like make-up or stylish clothes, but a beauty even deeper, one your little child knows.

They don't care what you look like or what you wear today, they care about the things you do, and the many things you say.

To my children, I’m a super star, one they worship and adore. To me, in my life, I could not ask for anything more.

When I look into those innocent faces, smiling up at me, it reminds me of the need to be, the best that I can be.

“Will you play with me?” is what they daily ask. No matter what I do, this is my most important task.

I have become so much more, in these past few short years: A teacher, a nurse, and a friend, who dries sweet young tears.

Priorities have changed from my life in the past:

Teach them well; teach them now, for they're growing up fast.

Some may ask, what has happened to that single girl from before? She's still here; she's just better; she's a little bit more.

Every woman has her story; every girl has her past, but evolving into Motherhood is pure happiness that will last.