Ex-Husband Jeopardizing Kid’s Health?

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Ex-Husband Jeopardizing Kid’s Health?

Have you ever struggled with your ex-husband because he does NOT follow the doctor’s orders when it comes to the kids?

A single mom we know has an amicable co-parenting relationship with her ex, but he has a very laid-back parenting style when it comes to her son’s allergies. She feels like her ex is jeopardizing her son’s health because he isn’t giving their son his medication.

This mom is irate, and she’d like to hear from other moms. She feels like her ex is being neglectful, and she’s very worried about their son. Many of you cope with juggling your kids’ medical needs … and we’re hoping you can help here.

For many guys, any discussion of kid-medication brings back memories of a smothering mother, or painful memories of childhood illness. We all know that men avoid doctors (hello, denial!). If a guy minimizes kid health problems by “forgetting” to give medication or arguing that everyone is simply overreacting, you definitely have a problem on your hands.

For the kids’ sake, many savvy moms do whatever it takes to involve Dad in all aspects of medical decisions. After all, guys typically respond more cooperatively when they hear the issues and challenges straight from the medical experts. Often, trying to be the “messenger” or the go-between between a physician and a minimally cooperative dad just backfires.

So, back to this mom, whose ex refuses to give his son allergy medication: Her ex has gone to their son’s pediatrician with her; he has heard the advice straight from the doc’s mouth. Still, he has all kinds of reasons for NOT giving his son his medication (he forgot to go to the pharmacy; their son seemed just fine until bedtime …).

Have you struggled with an ex who does NOT follow doctor’s orders when it comes to the kids?

How do YOU think this mom should handle this situation?

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