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excitement bottled up!

I was surrounded by kiddos when i was just ateen. My job was babysitting; i lived for it. My friends sought babysitting as some sort of punishment, but i was overjoyed when given the oppurtunity. While my friends laid on my bed reading cosmo, i'd be lying down with goodhousekeeping andbetter homes and gardens magazines. I read about what the appropriate punishmentwas for my child you know, that sort of thing.My dreams and aspirations were to be a mom. Just hearing that sweet, innocent voice saying "momma" is a reward in itself. I'd watch theneighbors two little girls Ryan belle, and Avery. They would wrap thier little fingers in my palm, and drag me along everywhere they went. I would always say to myself, ''Wow. This is an ultimate feeling. For someone to love you this much". I only dreamed of marriage, and children. It was a goal of mine. When i'd read the girls a bedtime story it made my heart flutterat the realization thatit would be my own child someday.I'm still paitently waiting to becme the mother i expect to be. I know my babysitting experiences made it worth the while.

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