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10 Ways to Curb Your Enthusiasm Over Office Sweets

by admin

10 Ways to Curb Your Enthusiasm Over Office Sweets

If your coworker always has a candy dish on display, you know it's a daily struggle trying to ignore it. 

Are office sweets calling your name, enticing you, completely ruining your diet? Here are ten ways to avoid temptation and stay on track:

1. Chew sugarless gum. It will keep your mouth busy and give you a minty or sweet taste so you won’t need candy.

2. Keep healthy snacks on hand. Bring snack bars, nuts, and fresh fruit to work so you can make a healthy choice when you get the urge to snack.

3. Drink water. You may just be thirsty, and filling up on water could be the solution.

4. Drink tea or coffee. Sipping a hot drink can help curb cravings for sweets, and if you drink green tea

you’ll get a bonus metabolism boost.

5. Take a walk. Walk around the office or up the stairs, and burn some extra calories in the process.

6. Brush your teeth. Chances are, you won’t want those sweets anymore when your mouth tastes like toothpaste.

7. Keep track. If you do succumb, leave the empty wrappers in front of you so you can keep track of how many you ate.

8. Call a friend. Because it would be rude to pig out while you have a friend on the line.

9. Stay away. Avoid walking by the candy and refuse any sweets that are offered to you—before long there won’t be anything left to tempt you.

10. Confront your craving. Eat a piece. But just one!