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30 Surefire Ways to Trim an Inch Off Your Waistline

by Expedient Info Media

30 Surefire Ways to Trim an Inch Off Your Waistline

One measly inch, and we’re giving you thiry ways to lose it for good.


Want to lose some weight, but need some ideas? These simple techniques are designed to burn enough calories to trim an inch off your waistline.


1. Swim to Burn Calories
When compared to running, swimming burns less calories. But thirty minutes of front crawl every day for about six weeks will make you trim an inch.


2. Practice Football
Practicing football for about ninety minutes burns 1500 calories. In just six weeks, you will lose an inch.


3. Do Push-Ups
Hold push ups for at least thirty seconds and it will help you in flattening your stomach. Practicing three sets of thirty a day for two months will make you one inch slimmer.


4. Begin Your Day with Breakfast
Consuming breakfast in larger amounts reduces your overall calorie intake by 10 percent. Practicing it for two months will take an inch off at your waistline.


5. Have Sex Often
Enthusiastic lovemaking for thirty minutes burns 200 calories. Do it twice a day for three months so that you will become trim.


6. Treat Yourself
Consuming few amounts of naughty food twice a week can increase the chances of sticking to diet by 50 percent. Slowly cut 500 calories a day from your diet and you will lose an inch.


7. Use Those Dumbbells
Hold light dumbbells at arm’s length; so that it makes the crunches more effective. Practicing three sets of thirty a day for ten weeks will show you the trick.


8. Drink Water Before Meals
Drink half a liter of water before eating a meal and you can cut your calorie intake by a quarter. Do it for two months to lose one inch.


9. Eat Low-Glycemic Index Foods

Consuming low glycemic index foods like fruits and pulses can decrease your calorie intake by a quarter. Following it for one month make you trim an inch.


10. Work Those Barbells
Practice three sets of twelve lifts with a barbell every day for six weeks so that you will lose an inch.


11. Eat Early
Going to bed within an hour after having dinner will increase your weight up to two pounds every month. So, to trim an inch, you need to eat early and sleep light for two months.


12. Eat Fruits Instead of Juices
Consuming oranges instead of juices reduces your calorie intake to half. Consume five oranges a day to drop an inch within six weeks.


13. Pedal Power
Cycling for thirty minutes every day burns 3000 calories within a week. So, cycling for five weeks will trim an inch.


14. Eat Low-Fat Dairy and Meat Products
Consuming low-fat dairy and meat products reduces your intake. Doing it for a month will show you the trick.


15. Start Walking
Walking a mile for twenty minutes rather than twelve will burn more fat. So, walking for three miles within an hour for six weeks makes you lose an inch.


16. Take a Dance Class
Dancing for an hour will burn 500 calories. Every week do three two-hour grooves. Practice this for five weeks so that you can lose an inch.


17. Drink Milk
Drinking half a liter of skim milk in the mid-morning and afternoon can cut 300 calories a day. Do it for six weeks.


18. Eat Low-Fat and High-Protein Foods
Consuming low-fat and high-protein foods like fish and skim milk will aid in weight loss. Obtain 40 percent of your calories from foods full of proteins for five weeks.


19. Exercise Before Meals
Intense exercising before going to meals will suppress your appetite and reduces the food consumption by 10 percent. Twenty-minute workouts for nine weeks makes you drop an inch.


20. Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea before exercising frees fatty acids so that you can burn fat more easily. Drink two large cups per day for seven weeks.


21. Switch to High-Fiber Diet
Consuming high fiber diet reduces your daily calorie intake by one third. Following it for three and half weeks will trim an inch.


22. Take the Stairs
Walking the steps up and down in a three story building for five times a day burns 220 calories. Do it for three months and you will lose an inch.


23. Chew Sugar-Free Gum
Chewing sugar-free gum throughout the day will increase your metabolic rate by 20 percent so that you will lose about two pounds in few months.


24. Substitute Slices
Instead of cheese and meat, get veggies on your pizza.


25. Play Tennis
Playing tennis for an hour burns 470 calories. A two-hour session, three times a week for six weeks reduces an inch.


26. Move Around
Even if you are doing a desk job, don’t stay congealed in your chair. Moving around throughout the day burns 700 calories. Doing it for three weeks will make you lose an inch.


27. Avoid Strong Beer
Switching your bottle of strong beer with a light one allows you to get only ninety-five calories. Follow it for two and a half months.


28. Relax
Feeling stressed increases the calorie intake by 20 percent. Feeling relaxed for three weeks will burn off an inch.


29. Get a Jump Rope
Jump roping works for your whole body and builds intense core strength and rock-hard abs. Do it for twenty minutes per day for six weeks.


30. Substitute Chips with Olives 
Eat a handful of olives instead of chips to omit 120 calories from your daily intake. Doing it for four months makes you slim an inch.