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5 Ways I Motivate Myself to Get Moving and Stay Fit!

by Erin Clarkson

5 Ways I Motivate Myself to Get Moving and Stay Fit!

Are you desperately in need of an incentive to work out? Here are a few tips to motivate you when all you really want to do is watch Netflix.


Finding motivation to exercise is often the biggest challenge people face when they’re attempting to get fit. What should you do when it’s a hurdle to make it out of bed in the morning—much less go for a run? We have five tips to motivate you to get up and get going:


1. Find a workout buddy.
A workout buddy will hold you accountable, and studies have proven that you’ll get a better workout if you have a partner (even a virtual one). After all, aren’t you much more likely to show up at the gym if you know your friend is there waiting for you? I know I am! A workout buddy also makes working out more fun, and you’re more likely to stick with something if you enjoy it.


2. Create a vision board.
A vision board is a great way to motivate yourself! The idea behind a vision board is to add words and images to a poster or bulletin board depicting the life you want to live and then place it in a prominent place where you’ll see it every day. By constantly viewing the board, you’ll develop greater clarity about what you want and will be able to focus more on meeting those goals each day. I like to create Pinterest vision boards with motivating quotes and fitness inspiration, so each time I log onto the site I’m inspired to get moving!


3. Find motivating people to follow on Instagram.
Do you hop on Instagram and scroll through your feed whenever you’re bored? You’re missing out on a world of inspiration if you aren’t following any fitness accounts! Follow accounts that offers daily adventure inspiration (GoPro anyone?) or motivational quotes (burnthisdotcom) for general fitness inspiration, or find someone who has the same interests as you (Misty Copeland—mistyonpointe—for example, if you’re into dancing) for a more personalized feed. Search unique fitness hashtags to find new accounts to follow or check out this post I just did on my blog on 10 Instagram Fitness Stars You Need to Follow Now. Soon your phone will be filled with photos that actually inspire you to work out! #getoffyourbutt


4. Reward yourself.
There are numerous ways to reward yourself for completing a workout. I have a friend who motivates herself by downloading a new workout song from iTunes every time she completes a run, so she consistently “earns” new music for her next workout. You could also create a “rewards jar” and deposit a certain amount of money each time you work up a sweat (many people find a dollar per completed workout to be feasible). I like to use fitness apps that pay me for meeting my weekly goals. The Pact app is one I’ve been using for a while now, and my rewards currently stand at more than $70! Once you’ve earned enough money, you can reward yourself with new workout clothes or running shoes. Plus, new workout gear may motivate you to exercise even more!


5. Make an appointment.
I like to set an appointment with myself to get up and get going, so I set the alarm on my iPhone to play motivating songs each morning. I also add a funny little note or a quote as additional inspiration. If you have a song that always motivates you to get moving, set it as your alarm so you’ll want to hop out of bed as soon as you hear it!


Follow these five tips, and hopefully you’ll be motivated to get out the door each day and get moving! After all, isn’t it the ultimate reward to have a healthy body and live a longer life?