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6 Essential Tips for Preventing Razor Bumps

by Aderline Peech

6 Essential Tips for Preventing Razor Bumps

It’s hard enough to even remember to shave, and then you’re thanked for it with unsightly bumps? Say bye-bye to razor bumps for good with these tips.


Razor bumps are a largely irritating occurrence that can typically appear on the male face, but can also appear on any area that has to be shaved or plucked. They are predominant in areas that are prone to curly hair or are very sensitive.


What are razor bumps?
Pseudofolliculitis barbae, commonly known as razor bumps, is a frequently occurring irritation that is a result of shaving. When hair is shaved, it begins to grow back. Instead of coming straight out of the follicle, curly hair has a tendency to curl back into the skin. This results in a person suffering from an itchy and red skin. If the area becomes infected, then the razor bumps appear like papules or pustules. This problem can be taken care of through various razor bump prevention tips. Prevention is the best way of staying away from this problem.


1. Reading the labels of skin care products
There are some people who are so impressed by the packaging of a skin care product that they don’t read the label. This means that they don’t really know which ingredients are parts of the product. You skin is extremely sensitive; hence you must know just what you are putting on your skin. Products that contain alcohol might dry your skin. Dry skin is one the common reasons for razor bumps. It would be a good idea to use creams and shaving creams that are oil based.


2. Washing the areas which you are going to shave

Another important tip that helps you to avoid razor bumps. Some people, who are short of time and want to get things done quickly, don’t wash the area that needs to be shaved. The area could either be the face, legs, face or even the pubic area. Apply a gentle cleanser to the area that you are planning to shave. This will help clear the area of any bacteria or dirt that might have accumulated over a hard days work. It will help reduce your chances of developing razor bumps.


3. Shave the right way
There is a right way to shave, and then there is the wrong way to shave. Not everybody uses the right shaving techniques. When you shave, it’s a good idea to rinse with cold water between strokes. Some people use warm water or even hot water between strokes. This can accelerate the development of razor bumps. The correct way of shaving is applying strokes in the direction of hair growth. Don’t use strokes in a direction not in line with hair growth.


4. Skipping the aftershave
It’s important to use skin care products that are suited to your skin’s texture, tone and color. The use of alcohol-heavy aftershave is not recommended for people who have dark skin or curly hair. For such people, a daily use of moisturizer will be even more beneficial. It will go a long way in preventing razor bumps.


5. Avoid plucking ingrown hair
If you suffer from ingrown hair, it’s important that you don’t pluck them out. It can exacerbate the razor bumps. If you do want to remove ingrown hair, you must wait for them to get exposed. After that you can remove them without harming the skin.


6. Avoid using dull blades
Using a clean, sharp, razor will help you prevent razor bumps. When you use a dull blade, it actually pulls out the hair rather than finely slicing it. This irritates the skin and leads to the formation of razor bumps. Another problem with old blades is that they might be dirty and contain bacteria. Such blades are mostly responsible for causing razor bumps. Therefore, it’s important that you change your razor regularly.