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Live by the Rule of Awesome with Fitness Expert Andrea Marcellus

by Caroline Harris

Live by the Rule of Awesome with Fitness Expert Andrea Marcellus
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Holiday parties bring an onslaught of calorie-rich items from spiked cider to Christmas cookies. Weight gain may seem inevitable. Fitness expert Andrea Marcellus is here to tell you that’s not the case.


“You can actually improve your health and fitness during the holiday season,” says Marcellus.


We live in a culture of juice cleanses and fad diets. But an extreme weight loss plan can be counter-productive or even costly. Andrea has worked as a life strategist for 26 years and has seen hundreds of clients. She knows what works. “I have never seen anyone do a restrictive diet or a grueling workout regimen and maintain it beyond the actual program,” Marcellus says. “That’s why I have a lifestyle methodology of daily goals and principles that you apply to your life.”


Marcellus articulates her philosophy in her new book, The Way In: 5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong and Lift Your LifeHer methodology includes throwing out unsustainable fitness plans. Instead, she encourages readers to love themselves and learn what strategies work with their lives. Her book is customized, personalized and interactive. Readers make small tweaks to their lifestyles to see the sustainable results they desire.


Her insights might surprise readers. The personal trainer says yes to wine, cookies and cakes — as long as they’re awesome. “I believe in the rule of awesome,” she says. “If it’s not awesome, don’t do it.” Instead of cutting out carbs, Marcellus believes in balance and moderation. She holds out for the fabulous brownie or the wine she really likes.


Many people set resolutions at the start of a new year. Instead of creating a couple lofty goals at the beginning of January, she encourages readers to pick one positive habit for every month of the year. Examples include taking the stairs every day or drinking more water. “By the end of 2020, you will have improved your life in 12 sustainable ways,” Marcellus says.


Definitely pick up Marcellus’ book to absorb these amazing fit life tips in depth. Lucky for us, she also shared some products she swears by to live a healthier, more balanced life. They’re all on Amazon so you can begin living your best life in two days if you’re a Prime member!



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The Way In by Andrea Marcellus


Marcellus says, "The idea of regimens is flawed because it starts with the concept that you're flawed. And you're not flawed. It's so much easier to be fit than what you would think." Her new book articulates findings from her years of experience as a life strategist, personal trainer and fitness expert. She tosses out the idea of a "regimen" and instead teaches readers how to create positive lifestyle changes. She teaches readers how to eat 50 percent what they normally would and love every bite!

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Belong by Radha Agrawal


Marcellus has advice for 20-somethings based on her own experiences. "I wish I had known I didn't need to follow the bandwagon. I wish that I had listened to my own body and to myself. I was constantly looking to others and trying to emulate what they were doing instead of listening to my heart and what I knew was right for me." She loves the book Belong, which discusses how to foster meaningful relationships while staying true to yourself.

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Flowjo Self Care Bucket List


Self-care is a key part of any fitness journey. "Start with trusting that you're enough," Marcellus says. "Trust that slow and steady wins the race. Don't be impulsive and emotional. Just keep walking in the direction towards your goal, and shut out the voices of people telling you what to do." These self-care cards encourage self-love by providing specific wellness challenges. One card reads, "Go for a walk in the rain." Another says, "Cuddle someone or something. Don't be afraid to ask for it!"

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YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket


Weighted blankets are all the rage right now. They help with insomnia and stress to lead to your best sleep yet. Give yourself some much-needed rest and relaxation by investing in a weighted blanket. This weighted blanket has a silky-smooth material and a luxurious look. As an added bonus, the "Rule of Awesome" extends to shopping. Marcellus says, "If it's awesome, buy it. If it's not awesome, don't buy it." This weighted blanket aces the "Rule of Awesome" test with flying colors!

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Craft A Brew Kombucha Making Kit


This kit allows you to brew kombucha from the comfort of your own couch. Kombucha is delicious and great for your gut. It's packed with antioxidants and probiotics that advance your health. Marcellus believes in "getting better and better all the time" and not settling for anything short of "awesome." This kombucha kit boasts 84 five-star reviews so it's no wonder it earns the Marcellus stamp of approval!

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Jushi 8 Inches Screen Magnifier


Marcellus creates full-length classes in everything from yoga to HIIT. Don't sleep on her personalized workouts and fresh recipes. You can check her out on YouTube or download her fitness app AND/life. This screen magnifier zooms your phone screen by two to three times, meaning you can watch amplified versions of her videos. Marcellus says you only need to work out 20 minutes a day to see results. Get inspired with one of her fun workout classes!