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Asking For A Friend: Why Does My Vagina Sweat More On My Period?

As if periods weren't bad enough with the bleeding and cramps, now your vagina is sweating, too. Annoying, yes—but is it normal?

It's not unusual to want as little crotch sweat in your life as possible. Unfortunately, if you love to work out, it's pretty much a fact of life. And if some weeks out of the month you notice it's more prominent than usual, you're not alone, says Alyssa Dweck, M.D., an ob-gyn at Mount Kisco Medical Group in Westchester County, NY.

Another reason you may feel especially sweaty during that time of the month is that your perspiration can start to smell differently than normal. "Changes in your hormone levels cause changes in your odor," says Dr. Drai.

Luckily, everything should return to normal after your period. In the meantime, the same sweat-wicking rules you've heard a million times still apply: Wear loose-fitting underwear and clothes. When you can't (hello, yoga pants), make sure to wear sweat-wicking fabrics. (Try the Best Underwear for Women Who Work Out Hard.) Also smart: changing out of damp clothes ASAP, to avoid skin irritation and infection. And don't think more sweat, more odor = more soap. "Use only water to wash the vulva," reminds Dr. Drai. (Is Douching Ever Safe?)

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Asking For A Friend: Why Does My Vagina Sweat More On My Period?