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These 5 Hand Sanitizers Are Still in Stock AND Won’t Dry Out Your Skin

by Caroline Harris

These 5 Hand Sanitizers Are Still in Stock AND Won’t Dry Out Your Skin

Image Credits: Maude

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Frequent hand washing is one of your best defenses against COVID-19, but all that scrubbing can lead to dry, irritated skin. When you don’t have access to a sink, hand sanitizer steps in as a replacement, but these gels can also be very drying, furthering your skin woes. That’s why moisturizing hand sanitizer is your new best friend for disinfecting and soothing your hands in a single step.


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We compiled a list of the best hand sanitizers that are infused with nourishing ingredients like aloe water, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and grapefruit for making your hands happy while also keeping you safe during the current coronavirus pandemic. Each hand sanitizer contains at least 60 percent alcohol, per the CDC’s guidelines, and you should use these hand sanitizers when soap and water are not within reach. The CDC even created a list of crucial times to wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer, and a few examples include before mealtimes, after using the bathroom, and after touching animals (yes, that includes your pets).


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Hand sanitizer, along with toilet paper and cleaning wipes, has been flying off the shelves during the coronavirus pandemic, but several retailers still have the popular item in stock (for now). Below, find the best hand sanitizers with moisturizing benefits so you can  stay healthy without irritating your skin.


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TONYMOLY Aloe Chok Chok Hand Sanitizer


Known for its cute clothing with affordable prices, Revolve has now pivoted over to selling hand sanitizer, like from beloved K-beauty brand TONYMOLY. This hand sanitizer contains 62 percent alcohol along with witch hazel and aloe water for moisturizing benefits. Plus, it’s only $3, so talk about a win-win.

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Maude Clean no. 0 Hydrating and Rinse-Free Sanitizing Spray


Sanitizing sprays are so convenient for cleaning your hands without leaving behind any sticky residue or excess product. This rinse-free spray features coconut oil, which boosts skin hydration while reducing inflammation and redness. Fragrance-free with 70 percent alcohol, this formula absorbs quickly and works best with two to three sprays.

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Erbaviva Lavender & Eucalyptus Hand Sanitizer


This hand sanitizer provides over 400 sprays per bottle, which is perfect in the age of coronavirus the CDC recommending cleaning your hands after touching shopping carts, cash registers, and gas pumps. Because your hand sanitizer gets so much use, make it a good one with a calming scent and healing formula, like Erbaviva’s . Infused with lavender and eucalyptus and containing 80 percent alcohol, this hand sanitizer is easy to apply for frequent use.

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100% Pure Hand Sanitizer Spray


Get soft skin while blasting away germs with this plant-based sanitizer with 62 percent ethyl alcohol. The spray formula also has tea tree oil and aloe vera—natural ingredients that work well for repeated use because they’re so gentle. For maximum protection, make sure to rub this sanitizer all over the backs of your hands, fingers, and palms.

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By Humankind Hand Sanitizer


This moisturizing hand sanitizer arrives in a pack of three pocket-sized, aluminum bottles. Each formula includes hyaluronic acid for hydrating benefits, and consists of 65 percent alcohol (surpassing the CDC's recommended 60 percent). You can order the hand sanitizer in three scents—unscented, eucalyptus, and grapefruit—and with or without a reusable pump. And if you find you're frequently running out of hand sanitizer, you can also opt into a subscription service for ongoing pack refills.