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The Best Sleep Masks For Some Uninterrupted Shut-Eye

by Sidney Burds

The Best Sleep Masks For Some Uninterrupted Shut-Eye
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Confession time: I love sleep masks. For years I struggled to find the perfect solution to my nightly dilemma of too much light. Heavy duty blackout curtains were efficient, but not aesthetically pleasing. And when I visited friends or traveled and had no curtains, I would resort to covering my head with a pillow or blanket.


Enough was enough. Rather than hang up another curtain or risk suffocation in a foreign bed, I purchased a sleep mask and never looked back.


These babies block light, and I mean can’t-see-at-all-in-broad-daylight darkness. They’re comfortable; apply just enough pressure, and they won’t damage your lashes. So, if you’re like me and need vampire-levels of darkness in order to catch some ZZZs, take a look below at some prime options. These sleep masks have you covered, literally.


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Ban.do Getaway Eye Mask


Sometimes you need a little afternoon pick-me-up to stay energized throughout the day. If you're looking to catch a few winks of sleep while the sun's still high in the sky, this Ban.Do sleep mask is here to help. Not only is it great for naps, Ban.Do also recommends using it as a blindfold if you just happen to have a piñata lying around.

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Best Affordable Option

Wine Flamenco Novella Royale Sleep Set


Your outfit game doesn't stop when you're heading to bed. We love a good matching set, whether that be for a party or pajama time. It's a rare find to not only find a matching PJ set, but a matching sleep mask to boot! This vintage-inspired sleep set comes with a sleep mask, robe, shorts, and a bag for carrying.

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Best Matching Set



I like to call this 'lil puppy the Cadillac of sleep masks. It has everything: ample padding for comfort, drawstring for fit adjustments, and a reversible design for style. The full wrap-around design allows you to use it as a neck pillow for propping your head up, and the padded sides allow your head to rest against anything with ease. It's a slimmer design than compared to the OG Ostrich Pillow and a fraction of the cost.

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Best Light-Blocker

Morgan Lane Bat Eye Mask


Bring a playful element to your nightly routine and slip on this Morgan Lane bat sleep mask. I tend to gravitate to the more whimsical masks myself (my favorite is a chainstitched heart-shaped sunglasses pair I got at a boutique), so I'm seriously considering this mask as well. It's 100 percent silk, making it super gentle on your sensitive eye area and comes with a storage pouch to keep it clean.

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Best Splurge

Calpak Silk Travel Neck Pillow & Eye Mask Set


Cross-country road trips create some of the best memories. When you're not in the driver seat or handling the aux cord, relax comfortably with this eye mask and neck pillow set by Calpak. This cheery yellow bandana patterned duo will help you arrive at your destination well-rested and ready to go. Sleeping sitting up never felt so good.

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Best Travel Option

Slip Silk Sleep Mask


Infinitely gentler on your skin, silk beats out all other fabrics as far as sleep masks go. When it comes to slipping a sleep mask on, you want one that won't pull and tug at the delicate skin on your face. Slip uses the highest quality of silk so it's extra thick and soft on your skin. Pair this light-blocking sleep mask with one of these silk pillowcases to save the rest of the skin on your face and keep your hair smooth.

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Best Silk Sleep Mask

Printworks Jetlagged Eye Mask


Just in case there's any confusion as to what you're doing, this sleep mask lays it out there. Like a 'Do Not Disturb' sign, this mask lets others know you're not to be bothered as you're catching some shut eye. This Printworks sleep mask is made of a plush velvet and the back elastic band has an adjustable strap for those of you who want a custom fit over the 'one size fits all'.

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Funniest Mask

Breakfast at Tiffany's Sleep Mask


We all know the iconic scene of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. She awakes from her slumber wearing a men's tuxedo shirt, tassel ear plugs, and a blue sleep mask with gold eyelashes and brows embroidered on it. While you'll have to find the rest of the ensemble yourself, you can get this nearly identical sleep mask on Etsy by the seller ShushBear.

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Best Audrey Hepburn Look-alike

Louvelle Chloe Eye Masks


Completely silk sleep masks tend to cost more, so if you're looking for a silk mask on a budget try this Louvelle eye mask. This fabric is a silk and cotton blend so you can get the feel for a more affordable mask price. Plus, this sleep mask comes in a punchy lemon print, and even has an adjustable elastic band strap for comfort.

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Cutest Option



Looking to listen to some tunes, or maybe even a relaxing podcast, while you unwind? This innovative sleep mask by OstritchPillow keeps your eyes in total darkness while your ears remain free for ear buds. With a unique looping design, simply wrap this sleep mask around your head, cover your eyes, and secure it in the back by its velcro closure.

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Best for Ear Buds

NIGHT TriSilk Beauty Eye Mask + Cooling Gel Pack


Maximize your beauty sleep with this sleep mask by NIGHT. It has a removable gel pack that can be used to cool and reduce inflammation in your eye area when held against it. Before use, place the cooling pack in a refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. The mask itself is silk, hypoallergenic, and machine washable.

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Best for Beauty Sleep

Twelve Inc. Bright Eyes Mask & Crystal Roller Set


After a long day at the office, you deserve some me time. This sleep mask and roller set is here for just that. As you apply your nightly moisturizer and face serums, reduce puffiness and fine lines by moving this roller around your face. You'll be so at peace that we have no doubt you'll drift to sleep the second you place the sleep mask over your eyes.

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Best for Unwinding

Donwell Natural Silk Sleeping Eye Mask


Maybe you're new to the sleep mask game and aren't quite sure if it's for you. I completely understand not wanting to spend too much money on your first mask, it's truly something you have to feel out to see if it fits your needs. Before making the investment, try a super affordable mask like this Donwell natural silk sleep mask from Walmart. If you find it comfortable to sleep in and it blocks out the light for you, then you can feel more confident investing in a pricier option.