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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Inhibitors

by Aderline Peech

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Inhibitors

If you’re tired of needing a shave 24/7, hair inhibitors may be the solution for you.


Use of hair inhibitors has become prevalent in modern times. These products help to inhibit the growth of new hair so that your need for hair removal is significantly reduced. Hair inhibitors are especially useful for men and women who seek a smooth, silky hair-free body but don’t find enough time to go for irksome hair removal processes. Read on to know more about hair inhibitors, how they work, and why they have become so important.


Are hair inhibitors as important as hair removal products?
If you are fond of going in for regular hair removal sessions, hair inhibitor is just not required for you! Hair inhibitor is also not essential for you if you are rich enough to go for permanent body hair removal. But if you belong to neither of the above category, meaning if you find it irksome to go for body hair removal so frequently or if can’t pay for exorbitant prices for laser hair removal, then hair inhibitors may be as essential for you as any hair removal product or process.


As the name suggests, hair inhibitors serve the function of inhibiting the growth of new hair so that you would need to remove less hair, less often. Hair inhibitors are important for people who have a busy lifestyle and do not find time to go for body hair removal on a frequent basis.


How hair inhibitors work to slow down hair growth?
Hair inhibitors are mostly topical solutions that make use of plant enzymes. They work by changing the structure of the hair follicle and making them turn weak until they eventually stop producing hair altogether. For instance, Ultra Hair Away hair inhibitor spray works by blocking the dermal papilla where the hair begins to grow underneath the skin. By working in this way, Ultra Hair Away slows down the growth of new hair and changes its structure as well as the texture. After few weeks into the treatment, you’ll notice new hair that comes is finer, lighter and softer, less visible and easier to deal with. You need to use hair inhibitors on a regular basis to get effective results.


Is hair inhibitor effective after any hair removal method?
Application of hair inhibitors is considered essential after hair removal. However, to get effective results hair inhibitors should be applied after removing hairs by hair removal methods that take hair out by the root such as waxing, sugaring, tweezing and threading. When you rub in the solution after hair removal, the formulation penetrates the pores and reaches the hair follicle directly. This helps you to achieve faster and more effective results.


Natural or prescription hair inhibitor: which one should you trust?
As natural hair inhibitors make use of plant enzymes, they are safe to use and are not associated with side effects. You can easily purchase them over-the-counter at pharmacies or cosmetic stores. Some of the popular natural based hair inhibitors include Ultra Hair Away hair inhibitor spray and Hair No More Inhibitor Spray. These two products can work effectively for you if you don’t have any specific skin problems and are seeking a product that can inhibit the growth of hair so that your need for hair removal is reduced.


Prescription hair inhibitors are also available on the market. These topical prescription treatments are approved by the US FDA. These inhibitors are especially designed for women with unwanted facial hair. They take about two months to work and can be used in conjunction with other hair removal methods. However, a prescription from a doctor or dermatologist’s is required before you can purchase these inhibitors. Further, prescription treatments are associated with some adverse effects on the body.