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First Response Creates World's First Bluetooth-Enabled Pregnancy Test

And it's available for purchase nationwide.

Like most things, pregnancy tests too are going digital. Millennial mothers want the most technologically advanced at-home pregnancy tests for most accurate results. So, Church & Dwight Co. Inc., creators of First Response, invented the world's first Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test. And it's now available for purchase nationwide.

In order for this high-tech pregnancy test to work, the user must first download the First Response app, which is available for both Android and iOS users. The pregnancy stick then corresponds with the app to provide the potential mother-to-be with content that will help enlighten her on what to expect from her pregnancy.


via First Response

According to Drug Store News, the app requires users to fill out some basic information about themselves before taking the test. Then, once the potential mother does the deed and waits three minutes for the results, the app offer three options — Calm Me, Educate Me and Entertain Me — to quench any anxiety she might be feeling. 

Calm Me offers relaxing visuals including ocean waves and deep breathing exersizes; Educate Me provides information about fertility and conception; and Entertain Me provides videos of cute animals and other distracting things to make the time go by faster. 

Once the three minutes are up and she has the results in hand, the app suggests what steps to take based on the information filled out prior to taking the test. This includes questions you might consider asking your doctor. The retail price for the pregnancy test and app access is between $14.99 - $21.99. 

Faith Brar

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