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Five Diet Foods That Don’t Suck

by Keri Tietjen Smith

Five Diet Foods That Don’t Suck

Going on a diet doesn’t mean skipping on flavor–or deliciousness!


If you have read my rants about food for any length of time, you know that I will not eat something that doesn’t taste good. In my current battle of the thunder thighs (recently inspired by the Victoria’s Secret fashion show), I have uncovered some decent diet foods that don’t make me want to try and eat my own hand.


Chobani Greek Yogurt: This stuff is zero percent fat! I was afraid to try it because it just sounds like it would be something chunky and gross. But Greek yogurt is the same consistency as regular yogurt—just a little creamier and heavier. It keeps you full longer, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. The best part? I use the plain as a substitute for sour cream, so I can still indulge myself when I eat baked potatoes, pierogies, and chicken quesadillas … oh my!


Pringles Stix/Honey Butter: These little sticks are so delicious, I want to lick the inside of the package (and sometimes do!). At only ninety calories a pack, they make you feel like you are eating something bad, so you don’t have to give in when you have those late night cravings. They fulfill both the sweet and the salty requirements, and taste like a little cracker stick.


Green Giant Singles Pack/Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce: These little individual microwave containers are sold in a four pack in the freezer section. It’s completely covered in cheese sauce! You can also get the broccoli and cheese sauce flavor. The best part is that they are only forty calories. If you do Weight Watchers, it’s zero points! I have one of these with my dinner every night, along with a glass of milk, to help give me the illusion that I am full.


Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese Bites: I crave cheese like no tomorrow—but it’s one of the things that really hinders me from losing weight. I was so happy when I found out they sell one-hundred-calorie packs of cheese cubes in all different flavors. They taste like normal cheese, but there are no imitations. I like to have a pack with my Friday night wine, or as an afternoon snack to get me through until dinner.


Smart Ones Meals: These are the only diet meals I can even come close to eating. My favorites are the mini cheeseburgers and the cranberry turkey medallions. They are small, but if you add a small salad to the burger, or a single pack of veggies (see above), then you feel pretty full. Most meals are under three hundred calories, and are full of flavor.