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How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Cocktail?

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How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Cocktail?

The lure of after-hour drinks with friends is sometimes the only thing that gets us through an extra-stressful day. But, how can you shake off the work week, while not indulging in too many cocktails full of empty calories? Check out the calorie content in these popular alcoholic libations, and ensure you make the best decision the next time you step up to the bar.


Cosmopolitan (4 oz.)



*Calories: 200* If the women on "Sex and the City" drink these and still look slim and sexy, you can too, right? Sure you can, but just don’t go overboard. This girlie, classy cocktail is fine in moderation. Plus, you’ll look good drinking it! 


Margarita on the Rocks (8 oz.)



*Calories: 280* A margarita packs almost 300 calories per cup. I don’t know about you, but when I get a margarita, I prefer them in one of those absurdly large fishbowl-shaped glasses, sure to be at least four servings. Mix that with a heaping plate of cheesy enchiladas, and you’ve used up your daily calories in one tasty but fattening meal.


Martini (2.5 oz.)



*Calories: 160* This classic mix of vodka and vermouth is sure to give anyone an instant hint of sophistication. Not to mention the lack of mixers and relatively small serving size, both of which make this a diet-friendly cocktail.


Long Island Iced Tea (8 oz.)



*Calories: 780* This triple threat, complete with tequila, rum, and gin, plus a concoction of mixers, has more calories than your average meal. If you opt for a Long Island, at least hit the dance floor to burn off some of those calories!


Mojito (8 oz.)



*Calories: 200* Swirling with rum and mint sprigs and sweetened with a touch of sugar, this drink is mouth-wateringly fresh and won’t break your calorie bank if you only have a couple.


Beer (12 oz.)



*Calories: 64-230* Ah, nothing like grabbing an ice-cold brewski with your friends. Be careful though; not all beers are created equal when it comes to calories. The spectrum ranges from ultra-light beers, which can be as little as 64 calories, to stouts, which could ring in at around 330 calories. If you’re watching your waistline, go for the lighter beers. If you’re going for taste, get a couple of the high-calorie good ones, but don’t go too crazy.


Rum and Coke (8 oz.)



*Calories: 185* To all the devoted rum and Coke fans out there, try substituting regular Coke for Diet Coke. You’ll be saving about a hundred calories and a whole lot of sugar.


Gin/Vodka and Tonic (8 oz.)



*Calories: 200* There’s a common misconception that this classic combination of gin or vodka and tonic water is a guilt-free cocktail. Tonic water, however, is not a freebie, packing about eighty calories and twenty-two grams of sugar per eight oz serving. If you want to make this drink a truly skinny cocktail, request calorie-free soda water in place of tonic and ask for extra lime to add flavor.


Red Wine (5 oz.)



*Calories: 120* After a long day of work, the sound of a wine cork popping is extremely satisfying. Not only will a glass of wine relax you, but it is also relatively low in calories and has proven health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and neurological disorders. I’ll raise a glass to that!


Shot (1.5 oz.)



*Calories: 100* Shots, shots, shots! They are small, quick, and often painful. Just keep in mind that every time you throw one back, you instantly tack on a hundred more calories to your daily total. If using chasers, choose low-calorie sodas, reduced-calorie fruit juices, or garnishes such as lime so that you don’t consume extra calories with each shot.


Pizza (1 piece)



*Calories: about 275* Even worse than the calories in your drinks is the sneaky way alcohol increases your appetite while decreasing your willpower. There’s a reason pizza places stay open well after the bars close. If you find yourself after the bars close suddenly paying the cashier for a big piece of pizza smothered in cheese and oozing grease, you’ll probably regret it in the morning.