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How to Revive Yourself: Facial Massage Techniques

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How to Revive Yourself: Facial Massage Techniques

We all need a little TLC from to time to time, and our faces sometimes need it the most. 

A relaxing facial massage is a great way to relieve headache or sinus pain or even to just revive and renew. For a busy hard-working woman on the go, this is a fast easy revitalizer. All you need are your own two hands and a comfy place to sit or lie down.

Forehead. Using the fingertips of both hands, stroke your forehead from the midpoint toward the temple as if you were drawing four rows between your brow and your hairline.

Eyebrow ridge. With both hands poised above the bridge of your nose, inhale deeply. Pinch your eyebrow ridge as you exhale. Inhale and move your fingers to a new position along the ridge. Exhale as you pinch and so on.

Nose and cheekbones. Using both hands, draw your middle and index fingers down either side of your nose pausing where cheekbone meets nostril. Inhale and press your fingers toward the back of your head. Continue tracing underneath your cheekbone until you reach your temples.

Jawbone. Make small circles with your fingertips from the temple down along the jawbone until you reach the tip of the chin.

Cheeks. With your hands in a loose fist, use the flat part of your fingers to make soft circles in the fleshy part of your cheeks.

Ears. Pinch the edge of your ears from the top ridge down to the lobe and back, gently pulling as you do so.

Head. With flat fingers, push up from the corner of your jawbone to your temple. Continue up and over your ears and down along the underside of your jawbone finishing under the tip of your chin. Then massage your whole head with your fingertips as if you were shampooing.

Take a few deep breaths. Let your new relaxed state soak in. Stand back up and go face the rest of your day!

Written originally for w2wlink.com by Stacy Denney