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How To Take an Aromatherapy Bath For Every Need

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How To Take an Aromatherapy Bath For Every Need

There's a lot more to it than just dropping essential oils into your bath. 

To make an aromatherapy bath, you can drop the essential oils right into the tub and use your hand or foot to swish them around just before entering the bathtub, this method however at times can produce hot spots and cause irritation.

If you have grain alcohol on hand you can add the essential oils to a small bit of alcohol and mix, the alcohol will help disperse the essential oils into the bath water. Alternatively, the essential oils to a small amount of carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil, or one of my favorites, cold pressed sweet cherry kernel oil, stir well and add the mixture just before entering the bath. Whatever method you choose, be sure to fill the tub with warm water, then add the essential oils, right before you are ready to step in.

Essential oils penetrate our skin, pass into the bloodstream and circulate through our bodies.  The formulas listed here are for adults and are not intended for use with children, pregnant women or those with health related conditions, use and proceed with care. Feel free to add salts, herbs, oats, clays, etc. to complement your bath.  When using chunky style salts, it is best to add them after being situated in the bathtub.  With this method, there is no discomfort involved, should you make weight-bearing contact with them before they dissolve.

Simple formulas based on bathtub size/full capacity:
•    Standard Size, 5–10 drops (total)
•    Garden Style, 10–15 drops (total)
•    Larger Size, 15–20 drops (total)

Rest and Relax Bath
•    Lavender
•    Chamomile
•    Neroli
•    Ylang Ylang

Dry Skin Bath
•    Cedarwood
•    Lavender
•    Rose
•    Ylang Ylang

Stress-Less Bath
•    Chamomile
•    Eucalyptus
•    Lavender
•    Spearmint

Detox Bath
•    Geranium
•    Helichrysum
•    Lime
•    Juniper

Astringent Bath
•    Cedarwood
•    Frankincense
•    Myrhh
•    Rosemary