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Kegal Exercises: Do Them Right and Reap the Benefits

by Spicy Gear

Kegal Exercises: Do Them Right and Reap the Benefits

Ever had issues controlling your bladder? Kegal exercises provide a healthy, active solution to an embarrassing problem.


Kegal Exercises are designed to tighten up your PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. The PC muscles stretch from your pubic bone to your tail bone, which forms the pelvic floor and supports the pelvic orgams. PC muscles are found in both men and women. The PC muscles can lose their PC muscle tone because of pregnancy, pelvic surgery, and age. This can result in loss of bladder control, also known as incontinence, a loose vagina, inability to control ejaculation in men, as well as a loss of sexual stimulation in men and women.

How to Locate Your PC Muscle:
The easiest way to locate your PC muscle is to sit on the toilet, urinate, but clamp down and stop your urine flow. Begin to urinate again. Repeat this several times until you can feel the muscle that you are utilizing to stop the flow of urine. If you are unable to completely stop the flow of urine, then you need to do kegal exercises. Another way to detect where your PC muscles are located is by sticking your finger into your rectum and squeezing. Once you feel the pressure on your finger, this is when you can tell your PC muscle is contracting.

Kegal Exercises:
Kegal Exercises can be done at home and at work. You can do kegal exercises while you are sitting at your desk, while watching TV, or even while you are a passenger in the car. First, tighten your PC muscles, hold for a count of ten seconds, and then release. Repeat this eight times. If you are unable to hold it for ten seconds, then start with a lower number and work your way up to ten seconds. Repeat this exercise three times a day. If you faithfully do these exercises, you may see results in eight to twelve weeks. Some women achieve dramatic results, while other individuals notice that doing these exercises helps to keep existing conditions from getting worse.

There are also kegal exercisers for women which are designed to strengthen the PC muscle. They can be inserted into the vagina and be used as part of your kegal exercise program.

What are the Benefits of Doing Kegal Exercises?
In addition to helping with bladder control, doing kegal exercises can also help to improve your sex life. Females will be able to provide a tighter hold on the penis to create a more pleasurable experience. Men may also notice an improvement in their erections and a delay in ejaculation. Stronger PC muscles in men may help to increase blood flow which results in firmer erections. In addition, kegal exercises in men may also help to prevent urine leakage during coughing or sneezing.