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Lego Releases First Disabled Figure

by Hilary Braaksma

Lego Releases First Disabled Figure

This summer, Lego will release its first minifigure to use a wheelchair.


Lego just made major waves in toy diversity at the 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair when they revealed their “Fun in the Park” set, which includes a minifigurine using a wheelchair and a guide dog. The major cultural coup comes after over 20,000 signatures were added to a Change.org petition asking the beloved toy manufacturer to be more inclusive and representative of those with disabilities.


The petition was organized by Toy Like Me, a group dedicated to “celebrating disability in toys” and advocating for the toy industry and children’s television programming to “better culturally represent 150 million disabled kids worldwide.” The petition asked Lego to “put some wheelchair vroom vroom into the toy box and help generations of kids, (both with and without disablities), grow up with a more positive attitude to human difference!” It seems as though their wish has been granted.


Here is the initial video from the Nuremberg Toy Fair that turned Lego fans on to the news:



“My heart skipped a beat, it’s just fantastic,” says Toy Like Me co-founder Rebecca Atkinson in an interview on ITV news. “It’s so much more than a toy. It’s a massive thing for children in wheelchairs to be represented like that, it’s huge.”


We love the changes Lego is making, and we’re excited to see more diversity in children’s products. What toy company would you like to see become more inclusive?