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Our Editors’ Top Picks To Help Rock Their New Year’s Resolutions

by More.com Editors

Our Editors’ Top Picks To Help Rock Their New Year’s Resolutions
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Whether it’s to be healthier, get organized, or take more “me” time—the MORE editors are sharing their top new year’s resolutions and the essentials they need to achieve their new goals. Get excited for the upcoming tasks, whatever they may be, with our must-have tools to help you rock the new year.


Image Credits: Corie Clark

Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark


This year, my new year’s resolutions all share a common theme: intention. Naturally, I couldn’t be intentional about this new way of living without a sparkly new daily planner and so I splurged on the Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark. The most satisfying part of my mornings are filling in my three “Today I Wills” and I’m now accustomed to tracking my schedule, workouts, glasses of water drank, nightly and weekly menus, oh—and my To Dos because #duh. This planner seriously gives me life, and isn’t that the point of a daily calendar? Consider my resolutions organized and alphabetically listed, ready to check off! —Alexis Puebla, Editor

Image Credits: Spring

Rodgers Lunch Box by STATE Bags


I’m still working with a post-grad budget, and could save a few dollars here and there. I mean, sure, I really didn’t need that faux-fur jacket just for New Year’s Eve, but I bought it and it was damn cute! But that was in December, and I’m turning a new leaf. Instead of going to the cafeteria or out to lunch, I’m going to brown bag it more often, shaving a few dollars from my weekly spending. The chic, metallic Rodgers Lunch Box makes it so much easier to pack my lunch the night before, and it’s the perfect size for all my snacks. It’s also fully insulated so I don’t have to make the trek to the community fridge at the end of the hall. Best of all, every STATE bag purchased gives a backpack packed with all the school essentials to a kid in need, so I can feel good about my pricey lunch box. For all my other budgeting concerns (trust me, there’s plenty), I rely on this handy app to manage the rest of my finances. This time next year I’ll be rolling in the dough. (Just kidding, it’s all going to my student loans.) Now that’s what I call adulting. —Taylor Borde, Editor

Image Credits: Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices Rec Kit

Price:$100.00 - $500.00

One of my many goals this year is to be more active but, if you’re like me, I need a cute outfit to keep me motivated and more confident at the gym. Enter: Outdoor Voices—and, my latest obsession, its athletic apparel kits. Outdoor Voices first asks what kind of activity you are looking to do (i.e. hiking, running, yoga, etc.), and from there it shows you top and bottom outfit options that would be perfect for that activity. With endless style and color combinations to choose from, you know I’m buying more than one. —Sidney Burds, Editor

Image Credits: Amazon

Clean Bottle Tritan Square BPA-Free Water Bottle


I have a new year’s resolution to drink more water—it’s good for your skin, good for your fitness, and just good all around! I scoped out all those fancy, high-tech, water-tracking water bottles, but I ended up buying a super inexpensive, totally chic, square (yes, square) bottle from Clean Bottle. A couple weeks ago in my barre class I was really rocking some booty exercises and swung my leg around, kicking my old water bottle, and sending it rolling across the studio, wacking another fitness ballerina in her arm during her perfect plank, and then had to sneak over and retrieve it—whoops, embarrassing. The Clean Bottle Tritan Square BPA-Free Water Bottle ensures that will never happen again. Plus, the wide handle means I can carry it with my giant winter mittens, no trouble. As for counting that water intake? A little secret: I use colorful hair elastics around the bottle to mark how many refills I still have to drink. No high-tech needed. —Caitlin White, Senior Editor

Image Credits: Amazon

La Sportiva Akyra Women’s Trail-Running Shoes


My husband and I live in Colorado, and we decided to start trail running in the new year. I asked for the La Sportiva Akyra trail-running shoes for Christmas, and so far they’re living up to the hype. I’m pretty clumsy (even when I’m not trying to navigate rocky terrain), so I wanted a comfortable shoe that provides ankle support and good grip. My Akyras check off all the boxes. The thick soles make them look bulky, but the shoes are pretty light and don’t weigh me down when I run. The knobby tread comes in handy when going over wet rocks, and the ankle height gives me extra protection—so far, no injuries! I feel just as stable in the La Sportiva shoes on the trail as I do in my Columbia hiking boots. I’m looking forward to logging more miles in them! —Anna Knief, Product Marketing & Editorial Manager

Image Credits: Target

Apple Watch Series 1


Yes, I am a little late to the Apple Watch party, but there’s nothing wrong with being fashionably late: just ask Carrie Bradshaw. I am overly obsessed with my new little wrist accessory, and I’m basically a workout maven now that I can track my steps, heart rate, calories burned, and so much more. I’m now one of the many that don the watch during all hours of the day, so I obviously had to snag a fancy band for when I’m not at the yoga studio and needless to say—I am an Apple Watch believer, and proud of it! —Alexis Puebla, Editor

Image Credits: MyFitnessPal



A pretty typical new year’s resolution is to be more fit, and while I can say I’ve fully jumped on that bandwagon, I’ve also been working toward a healthier lifestyle since February 2017 with the help of MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal is a free app made by Under Armour that allows you to track your calories, exercise, and weight loss. This app has helped me to manage my food intake in a healthy manner, and the paid version takes that tracking to a whole new level by measuring your macronutrients among other great features. —Lauren Juhl, E-Commerce Coordinating Editor

Image Credits: Lotus Leggings

Lotus Leggings Cheshire Cat Athletic Capri


One of my favorite things about being an aerialist is that when you’re doing a move that requires hardcore, “I’m going to be so bruised tomorrow” strength and flexibility on the flying hoop, your coach will start yelling, “Make it look pretty! Smile!” That’s some serious mental toughness. My new year’s resolution is to advance my strength training so I can pull off some more death-defying (but still so pretty) poses and flow on the lyra. Nothing fits that bill more than my absolute favorite Cheshire Cat Athletic Capris from Lotus Leggings. I’m a book nerd deep in my soul, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is such a good inspiration for when you want to follow your curiosity into new, exciting adventures—in my case, these adventures are overcoming some of my fears and doubts to achieve some killer moves! Oh, and some great Instagram shots, too —Caitlin White, Senior Editor

Image Credits: Sephora

Drunk Elephant Volume 2: Come C About Me


This year I’m vowing to clean up my beauty routine. I’m not talking about going full-blown goop, because some of that stuff is seriously out there, but I do mean paying attention what I’m putting on and in my body—less processed foods and harmful chemicals and more pure, simple ingredients. And it’s easier now than ever before with so many natural and organic beauty options, like RMS BeautyYouth To The PeopleKORA Organics, and Korres skincare. After way too many opened tabs and research on Sephora’s website, I decided on adding Drunk Elephant, an indie beauty brand that’s committed to using only clean ingredients, to my morning routine. Drunk Elephant’s Volume 2: Come C About Me daytime skincare kit comes with its best-selling products, including a daily cleanser, hydration gel, potent Vitamin C serum, and physical sunscreen for naturally glowing skin that’s left feeling healthy and hydrated. I’m only a week into my new beauty regimen, but I can already tell I’m going to rack up serious Beauty Insider points with my new obsession. —Taylor Borde, Editor

Image Credits: Amazon

A Great TBR Stack of Books

Price:$10.00 - $25.00

Rather than starting my day, rolling over in bed and checking my phone to see what fresh hell the news has brought us today, I’ve made a new year’s resolution to close Twitter and start my day reading more female-written novels in the morning, instead. It’s been such a meditative exercise so far, so what’s really keeping me going is that there are so many great books coming out! Agatha Christie lovers like me need to get their hands on Maureen Johnson’s ode to the mystery dame, Truly Devious. It’s about a riddle-filled private school with a haunting past, and I may have been late to work because I just had to finish a chapter. Next, I’ve already got my hands on or pre-order in for another exciting YA book, Love, Hate, and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed, Chloe Benjamin’s super buzzy The ImmortalistsThe Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert (for my Alice in Wonderland love), Sunburn by thriller queen Laura Lippman, the insanely anticipated Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, Meg Wolitzer’s latest, The Female Persuasion… and I could list books all day, which means I think my resolution is working. —Caitlin White, Senior Editor


To buy: Truly Devious, Amazon, $13; Love, Hate and Other Filters, Amazon, $19; The Immortalists, Amazon, $16; The Hazel Wood, Amazon, $10; Sunburn, Amazon, $18; Children of Blood and Bone, Amazon, $18; The Female Persuasion, Amazon, $25

Image Credits: Sephora

Slip Silk Sleepmask


I’ve been saying this for years, but this time I actually mean it. I’m going to get more, better sleep. There, I’ve said it. It’s out there. One thing that’s helped me turn off Netflix and tune out passing cars is this super luxe sleep mask by Slip. I’ve clocked hours of my best beauty sleep thanks to the high-quality mulberry silk Slip has mastered over 10 years, not to mention the additional anti-aging benefits (bye, bye wrinkles). Of course it’s not the only thing that’s helped me hit the hay for a solid eight hours, but I do look forward to slipping this little guy on every night, knowing I’m going to catch some good zzz’s. —Taylor Borde, Editor

Image Credits: Sephora

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask


I’ve done some pretty terrible things to my skin in the past: tanning, not drinking enough water, and sleep deprivation, to name a few. I decided to make self care one of my new year’s resolutions and purchased Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque to help combat my tired face. Girl, let me tell you: It has never felt better to treat yo’self. This facial mask is invigorating, and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin’s overall tone and brightness in just the past week. This is one resolution I won’t have any problem accomplishing. —Sidney Burds, Editor

Image Credits: Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Bath Soak


This year I’m all about self love and prioritizing my health, whether that be mental, physical, or emotional. That’s why my go-to product for keeping my new year’s resolution is the Aromatherapy Stress Relief Bath Soak from Bath & Body Works. The bath soak is a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils that help soothe and uplift me on even the toughest days. If you need me in 2018 you can find me in the tub, lights off, candles lit, and binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. —Lauren Juhl, E-Commerce Coordinating Editor