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The Period Fairy: The SHE-ro Girldom Deserves

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The Period Fairy: The SHE-ro Girldom Deserves

HelloFlo kills it again with this vagical ad about one confident tween's search for the mythical Period Fairy.

It's long past time that we start talking about periods unapologetically. If not for ourselves, for our younger "blood sisters." Luckily, HelloFlo is leading the conversation in a frank and hilarious way. If you haven't seen their Camp Gyno and First Moon Party commercials, do. They're great. This one follows a sassy young teen on her investigation of The Period Fairy—formally known as Flo White. On her journey, she talks to all your favorite characters—The Tooth Fairy, Santa, Cupid—trying to find out more about the mentrual she-ro who has since fallen from the stardom. Ultimately, our protaganist discovers, "Sometimes, instead of looking for a she-ro, you just have to be one yourself." In the end, she dons the Period Fairy garb herself, right down to the tampon earrings.

HelloFlo is ultimately advertising for their monthly period care packages—what they call a special delivery for your va-jay-jay—but their mission is to make biology more fun. And we think they're doing just fine.