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Pilates Exercises for Your Arms

by More How-tos

Pilates Exercises for Your Arms

Long, lean arms can be yours with this easy routine.



If you’re looking to strengthen and tone your triceps and get long, lean arms, these Pilates exercises can help do just that in only a few minutes each day. Follow the instructions below and watch the accompanying video for a helpful visual.


The first of these Pilates exercises for your arms works the upper back muscles, but it also strengthens the triceps. This exercise is performed lying on your stomach on an exercise mat. Start with your feet together, toes down, abdominals in, and arms in at your sides.


  1. Exhale and lift your upper body about two inches of the mat, keeping your neck long and arms tight at your sides.
  2. In this raised position, pulse your arms straight up and down, using your triceps to create this mid-sized, controlled movement. Drop your shoulders down and open up through the collarbone. Little exhales should accompany the press of each pulse.
  3. After several pulses, return your hands to your sides, and lower your body back down to the mat.


Repeat this series of arm exercises several times. Once your triceps are warmed up, get into a plank position, and prepare to work your chest and shoulders. Start with your abdominals in, glutes engaged, shoulders down, and head right on top of the spine.


  1. Hold this plank position to warm up your shoulders, breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
  2. After holding for about fifteen seconds, rest your knees on the mat.


Now that your shoulders are warmed up, go into a Pilates Push-up. This controlled push-up is another of the essential Pilates exercises for your arms. Once again, you’ll start in the plank position, with your entire body raised up off the floor and your arms straight.


  1. On the inhale, lower your body down in three counts.
  2. Straighten your arms back out and return to your starting position on the exhale, keeping your neck even and your chin up.


Repeat the Pilates Push-up several times; then, rest your knees back down on the mat. Stretch out your low back and shoulders with a shell stretch.


This series of exercises strengthens and tones the triceps and shoulders, which can help with shoulder stabilization. Perform these exercises regularly to strengthen and tone your arms, making them look long and lean.