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Six Tips to Properly Prepare for a Cleanse

by Mary Rambin

Six Tips to Properly Prepare for a Cleanse

If you’re ready to take a cleanse head on, you’ll need to get ready–mentally and physically.


Before you begin a cleanse, there are few things I would recommend you do.


Mentally Prepare
You need to take time to really think about what you want to achieve with a cleanse. Also, when your body releases toxins, it could drastically effect your emotions. There is no telling what you’ve been storing up. Finally, you should know at some point, you will be hungry and/or just mentally psych yourself into wanting to eat just to eat. How do you plan on overcoming that obstacle and maintaining your course?


Organize Your Schedule
You need to prepare not only mentally, but also in terms of your schedule. Even if you’ve cleansed before, you don’t know how you are going to react this time. So I suggest trying to avoid long interactions, important meetings, deadlines, anything that might make you anxious. Don’t plan lunches and dinners if possible. The food will be tempting and you won’t focus on your company. Also avoid large social situations in case you do feel uneasy or short-tempered. It’s ok to stay busy, but I suggest keeping to yourself.


Make an Appointment for a Colonic
A colonic is necessary in my opinion. Because you aren’t getting the fiber from the veggies to move things along, you’ll need to schedule one on day three, four, or five. Some experts suggest getting two to fully cleanse the walls of your intestines.


You Will Need to Continue to Exercise
Plan on exercising. Sweating is another way to detox. And if you maintain the cleanse, you should feel a surge of energy and capable of light workouts. Yoga can be physically and mentally cleansing.


Lighten up Your Load
Try to eat light the day before. Don’t shove down your favorite meal in fear you’ll never taste it again. All of your favorite foods will be there on the other side.


Stock up on Water
In between juices/meals, you should be drinking eight ounces of water. This is actually harder than it sounds, but it will help with your “movements.”