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There’s Finally A Period Commercial That Actually Shows Blood

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There’s Finally A Period Commercial That Actually Shows Blood

Because nothing should hold a woman back. 

Women bleed. But that shouldn't stop them from pushing their bodies to the extreme. A powerful new commercial by Bodyform is ready to break down stereotypes about women on their periods and exercise. Most feminine hygeine commercials prove their products are worth buying by showing women on their periods looking pretty in white dresses, or demonstrating with absorbancy with mysterious blue liquid. We all know that's not what that time of the month is about. (Case in point: 14 Things You Wish You Could Say To Your Period)

Simply titled Blood, the commercial shows women being totally badass as they take part in physically grueling activities from ballet to running to boxing. As they push their bodies, they get cuts, scrapes and bruises, but nothing hurts enough to stop them from getting up and moving forward. The ad's message: "No blood should hold us back", urges women to be fearless. And to not let the world's misconstrued perception of their bodies affect their self-confidence.

The commercial is a part of Bodyform's Red.Fit program—a resource for women to learn more about the impact physical exertion truly has on the body during their menstrual cycle. "Periods shouldn't hold us back," the company recently tweeted while promoting this program. 

Watch the entire commercial below.