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by admin


There are several things crossing my mind as per usual! For some reason I am a constant worrier. So in order to organise my mind i'll make a list of all the things that worry me at this precise moment. I don't want to bore anyone, particularly as my writing skills arent too elaborate, but I think it'll make me feel better to acknowledge what is making me feel upset, tired…and at the end of the day, what's consuming me.

– I worry about not being good enough at work
– I worry about not having a job that is deemed intelligent
– I worry about being stuck in the same job for fearing about failure
– i feel paralysed, hence i no longer plan as I used to (live in different countries, being a high achiever)
– I worry for not being good in bed
– i worry that other will think im weird, self centred, uninteresting
– i worry my parents will struggle financially forever
– i worry my parents, my sisters or myself will get sick
– i worry that i;ll die
– I worry that my new (9months boyfriend) doesnt lilke me enough
– i worry that he'll break up with me
– i worry that i may not know the difference between actually really liking someone, or solely needing them to reassure me
– i worry that i dont have enough friends (and the ones that i do have live far away)
– i worry and analyse about everything id do

-I worry that im spoiling this relationship with attitudes that i never had before (silly insecurities, possessiveness (this is new to me)).etc

and these are some of the things that constantly haunt my mind. I have to say, im quite tired today (a cold and one long week).

I want to stop worrying and start living. I want to learn that its okay to be on my own and that i should not rely on someone else to make me feel happy. I want this mass anxiety to go away, im sure tomorrow will be a better day!