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Your Post-Thanksgiving Guide to Getting Back on Track

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Your Post-Thanksgiving Guide to Getting Back on Track

If you overindulged on turkey this past week, it's time to get your groove back and un-stuff yourself. 

Chances are that you may have a couple of extra servings of your holiday favorites, a few extra glasses of wine, no chance to get to the gym, and very little you-time this weekend. No need to beat up on yourself—that is what the holidays are all about! Rather than trying to thwart off extra poundage, bloat, and whatever else may result from the holiday weekend, relax and enjoy. After all, Thanksgiving comes around only once a year. There is no need to deprive yourself of the yummy food and traditions that lie ahead.

After the weekend is over and your in-laws leave for the weekend, you may need a little guidance to get yourself back on track. Here is your post-holiday action plan to get you feeling back to normal again.


  • Back on schedule. This week, get back to your fitness plan and aim at doing an extra day or two of exercise. (If you normally exercise three days a week, try to get five days in.)
  • Amp up your aerobic workout. On those days that you choose to do aerobic exercise, increase your duration for an extra ten minutes to help burn off some of those extra calories. 
  • Increase your intensity. Aim for higher intensity aerobic activities so that you burn more calories per hour.


  • Drink extra water (10 to 12 glasses a day). This will help flush the toxins (sugars, alcohols, and food chemicals) out of your system, making your system more efficient.
  • Focus on whole foods. Eliminate sugars, fried foods, and overly processed breads and other foods. Eat lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins.
  • Small meals throughout the day. There’s a good chance that your stomach expanded a little over this Thanksgiving weekend, potentially making it think it needs more food to feel satisfied. Try to eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day, keeping you satiated, but helping your stomach adjust back to its normal size.


  • Self time. Take a night or two this week to get back to normal, decompress, and enjoy alone time.
  • Relaxation time. One night, take a bath and get to bed early. Whether caused by hours of cooking, driving, shopping, or family stress, a bath will help alleviate the stress of the holiday weekend.

Allow yourself to splurge! What will you be doing to get yourself back on track next week?

Updated on November 25, 2010