Extreme Hoochie Girl Bedroom Makeover

by admin

Extreme Hoochie Girl Bedroom Makeover

Miss C declared several months ago that she wanted her room redone in a pink leopard theme. She is, after all, at that trendspotting age of six where Disney Princess, Kidz Bop, and Bratz collide.

Her comforter set is a sweet Waverly paper dolls and floral theme I found at Linens N Things a couple of years ago. The color scheme is mainly pink and green and the sheets a sweet floral pattern, which I suppose does sound rather Victorian and prudish when compared to exotic KAPOW pink leopard. Rowrrrrr.

Miss C spotted a cute pink leopard comforter set in the Company Kid’s catalog, but I’ve been searching on Ebay, as it’s a veritable mecca for any decor item one could imagine. Pink John Deere tractor Diaper Genie cover? Ebay’s got it. Nascar camo toaster oven cozy? Ebay’s got it.

Anyway, I’m possibly up for trying a pink leopard comforter or duvet cover provided everything else is a pale solid pink. I could also live with a pink leopard accent pillow as long as it does it talk or growl or make any kind of sound effects.

Besides, if you go too far with the pink leopard accessories, you’ll find disturbing wall artwork like a giant tube of lipstick that looks undeniably phallic. And I’ll be hanging that on her wall over my draped in a Waverly floral sheet body.