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They were married on the seventeenth of October, eight years ago on a clear sunny day. The wedding was held at his church where he grew up in. She loved it there more than anything else. People from all walks of life came that day; just to wish them all the best. They stayed with his family at his family home. They both loved it and were looking forward to a small family of their own. They started planning, watching, and waiting. He started buying baby clothes. She wasn’t even pregnant yet. He kept on buying them because he knew. She could not understand why. The first year went by, nothing much happened; nobody said anything. The seconded year went by, again nothing. The third year went by and they moved house, still nothing happened. They were now far away from his and her family.

The fourth year came and went along with their hopes to hear the sound of little feet running in their house. People talked, maybe there’s something wrong they guessed. Who knew? I guess no one did for sure. The fifth year came and it was putting a strain on their marriage; but god was an essential part of their victory. They loved each other dearly.

The sixth year came with new promises and hopes. It went away with nothing changed. On the ninth of May 2006 and on the seventh year since the day they first exchanged vows, it was announced that she was “UP.” How happy and glad they were to be. All the thanks they offered to him who granted to them their dearest wish. On the ninth of January 2007 a little princess was sent from above. They named her Faith!