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Family and What It Means

Family is the group of people who love us and whip us back into shape and mold us with knowledge. Family members are the ones we tell all our stories to and share events and fun with. Family is there when nobody else is around. Each member of our family has differences and doubts about each other. It doesn’t matter, because as family, we are there for each other’s love. Every family should know love and appreciate one another’s needs as family. Our family is there for us day and night and even on holidays. The joy and pain of happiness we all share when it comes to life experiences, but we only know what your family means to us a family member when things only happen in one life. Loving your family members is so hard because of all the fighting family members go through. God said to love one another as you love yourself as well as the people who live next door. If we all learn to build our bond as a family of love and trust and focus on each other’s needs, the experience in life and choice we make to do better only makes it grow into a lifetime of memories of joy and happiness and love. We must learn to respect one another’s thoughts and feelings for one another as family members. We all know that our father and mother can play a part in your life but our family members are always there to comfort you, at all times. Just think about all the holidays, the fun we all share, and the lifetime of stories we share with our loved ones. We all know Satan is busy and he will find any cause to upset our family members, but we can’t act on the devil’s plays in life because if we do, we are giving into him. My children are a big part in my life. I try to teach them the very best I can as a single parent, but most parents end up killing their own children. Please stop killing your own children! Stop following Satan. You never hurt the ones you love because in the end you will suffer.

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