Family Fun at the 2010 L.A. County Fair

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Family Fun at the 2010 L.A. County Fair

I grew up in the suburbs but I didn’t get to experience my first county fair until I was a pre-teen—too old to appreciate a gigantic zucchini contest or the hot rods that you couldn’t yell over at the one my parents took us to in Danbury, CT.

So when the opportunity came about last year to visit the LA County Fair, you can imagine I approached it with one eyebrow raised (and a bit of skepticism too).

The Fair takes places each September from the weekend of Labor Day—this year it’s September 4th—to October 3rd at the Pomona County Fairgrounds.

The venue is the home of concerts, a racetrack, and hundreds of trade shows throughout the year but for the month of September the clock turns back and the Fairgrounds come alive with both traditional and modern twists—including a wine pavilion where you can taste the winners of the seventy-first annual L.A. International Wine Competition.

There’s a great place for kids to get hands-on experience with arts and crafts in the museum, rides, daily special activities and all around great stuff to bring a lifetime of memories. I loved riding on the tram across the park with the best view of all the activities—so much to do! Eat! Explore!

There’s shopping of course too—and this year Jurassic Planet new for 2010.

The Fairplex supports eleven non-profits with year round activities for community and children and it made me proud to know that their efforts help bring thousands of school age kids to the Fair for free during the month who might not get the chance to experience something this special.

Admission is a few dollars cheaper (twelve dollars) on weekdays—and if you purchase online there’s discounts too.

Don’t miss this chance to revisit your lost childhood or experience it with your family for the first time. And just as an FYI, there’s a gorgeous Sheraton Hotel on the premises of the Fairgrounds which makes for a great place to put your feet up and do a two-day stay. Summer ends perfectly when you include a visit to the Fair.

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