Fat Versus Fit

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Fat Versus Fit

Michelle Obama is bringing the issue of fit vs. fat to center stage with her new campaign against obesity. Will you be changing your eating habits in your house?

For the first time in decades, the life expectancy of our children is expected to be less than our own, and health experts are saying it’s directly related to childhood obesity, and all the health problems related to obesity that come along with it. These problems are endless: depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea … we could go on and on.

When Michelle Obama decided to take up childhood obesity as her cause, like many first wives before her have taken up childhood AIDS or literacy, many applauded. But others called her on the carpet for discussing her own daughters’ weight as a way to get her point across. But CNN reports that many doctors are saying it’s better to confront the problem than pretend it doesn’t exist. “Parents should have an open dialogue with their children and assure them they are loved regardless of weight,” says Dr. Tom Robinson.

As mothers, many of us struggle with our own weight issues. Are our daughters faced with even worse weight issues? How are you handling it? Share your wisdom!

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