Feathering That Empty Nest

by admin

Feathering That Empty Nest


When our nest is really empty, I will make best-seller lists.
Become a college girl again, wear diamonds on my wrists.
I’ll look up girlhood chums, and make lifelong amends to me!
For my misapprehension, ulcers, gas and headache tension,
That “empty nesting” apprehension …

Oh well, I’m really not that sad; It hasn’t really been that bad.
In fact I really felt quite glad: He had so many friends inviting;
So much to do with “over-night-ing.”
His college plans are so exciting!
So good to see him thrive; I suppose we’ll both survive.

God how I miss the times we had!


These are a Few of My Favorite (Adolescent) Things

Bracelets and earrings from Cracker-Jack boxes,
Tennis ball slings flung in his dirty “soxes.”
He takes my key to open the door,
Flings it down the stairwell to the bottom floor!

Catch me if you can: I’m your little man,
Growing up too fast.
So listen up mother, and do what I say,
If with me you want to play.



Under the weeping cherry by the yew shrubs, in front of our tidy brick house by the new mall,
My children dance a fairy dance with friends.

At the “sculptor’s” magic word they “freeze”

In jumbled poses on the lawn.

Just a game I too once knew, flitting here and there.
To teeter and totter and then flop down on damp and springy grass, new mown.

(Carefree, as a girl, I kicked my legs up and collapsed …
Into a heap of adolescent elbows and knees, when caught in an awkward pose.)

Now I watch my children dance that fairy dance with friends.
I fix a tray of sweets as an excuse to be with them.