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Feeling Low

I am a single mother of a sweet sixteen-month-old baby girl. Yes, I must say it is a tough job to do, especially when she gets sick. She has been diagnosed with everything from reactive airway disease to asthma. I am also currently nine months pregnant and I am dealing with everything on my own. I was really looking forward to having the father of my children there with me when our second child is born but he would rather run around with different women then take care of his children, so I am really stressing out here. I have never dealt with this kind of situation before. Although he was never there for our first child either, I want my children to know their father but my family wants him to stay away because they say that he has put us through so much already. I must say I am starting to agree, but I still worry about my babies.

They do not deserve this kind of treatment from anyone. They deserved to be loved and cared for. My children have my last name and that makes him upset also, so what do I do?? My mom tells me to put everything in the hands of the Lord. So far that has done us good. We’re trying to make a living on our own.

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