Feng Shui Your Baby’s Nursery

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Feng Shui Your Baby’s Nursery

Harmony, peacefulness, and security—all the things you want surrounding your baby’s life. You choose the most dependable doctors, the greatest gear, and the coziest clothes. So why not nurture their nursery through the ancient art of Feng Shui?  

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony within the environment. 

Deborah Rachel Kagan, Feng Shui expert and owner of Los Angeles based Sacred Interiors, shares her insight on how to bring positive energy into your little one’s room. 

The Cradle: Why use Feng Shui in your baby’s bedroom? 
Deborah: For the best opportunities to be healthy—mentally, physically and emotionally. It benefits not only the child, but the entire family as well. 

The Cradle: What is the best location for a nursery in one’s house?
Deborah: It’s best to have it in the front part of the house. (According to Feng Shui principles, this helps) your child to feel confident as he or she grows, (to) feel good about being in the world, and to develop a sense of security without too much coddling. 

The Cradle: Do you recommend specific paint colors? 
Deborah: The best colors for a child’s room are soothing tones that aren’t boring, such as the pale blues, pale green and a nice yellow.  Something that is sunshine-like is always a good choice. 

The Cradle: What is the best crib position in a child’s room and why? 
Deborah: It’s good if a baby can have a full view of the room and doorway, as it helps bring a sense of ease to child. It also allows them to feel safe so they can see what’s coming. The first year is all about sensory input— they feel everything. Having your baby in a command position allows him to have that comfort and safety. 

The Cradle: Where do you suggest hanging mobiles? 
Deborah: The first choice is in the center of the room. The center relates to a baby’s mental, spiritual and emotional health. The second option, would be to hang it over the center of crib. 

The Cradle: Is there a way to do a space clearing (a Feng Shui technique that cleanses a space of negative energy) before a new baby arrives? 
Deborah: To bring in fresh energy and to honor the new child coming into the space, prepare the room with fragrant fresh flowers.  Also bring in nine oranges—when the baby comes, slice them or peel them to inaugurate the room with the scent of the oranges—it’s a very uplifting and energetic scent. Plus, oranges bring auspiciousness to people’s lives. 

The Cradle: Any other decorating advice? 
Deborah: Keep it as simple as possible. Bedrooms are typically about rejuvenation, sleep, and relaxation. You do want to have a fair amount of toys and things to keep your baby stimulated, but not so much that he or she will feel over-stimulated and over-loaded. Have some toys and some books, but keep the bulk of these items someplace else. 

Plants, such as lucky bamboo, are good to bring in—they’re like little people that grow in segments, supporting the healthful growth of your child. 

(And) one of the greatest Feng Shui cures is using crystals; either in the center of the bedroom or over the center of their bed. It helps keep your baby feeling expansive and very happy. A great one to use is the children’s crystal, which supports the baby’s entire well-being.