A few words to say

by admin

A few words to say

We have known for quite some time, our children will be stubborn. It makes sense. Both my husband and I have a mind of our own. And though our daughter sports some sassiness and tests what exactly she can get away with, our son simply tells us, no. He has thrown toys and stomped his feet, and propelled himself onto the floor, but what he did last night had us silently laughing and shaking our heads at the dining room table.

It was late. Way past bed time. Our daughter was already asleep. My husband decended the stairs after a long snuggle time with our son, believing he had succumed to sweet dreams, and themission had been accomplished -we should have known better.

After a moment of total silence, and the agreement that we were both ready for bed, we heard tiny feet on the hardwood floor. We laughed. Clearly, he was not sleeping. He walked over to the bronzed gate pressed in his door entry delicately saying, "Mom. Dad. Mom." We said nothing – maybe if he thought we were sleeping too, he would go back to bed. No. Of course not.

Looking at each other, we took a deep breath dropping our shoulders. Already after ten, I knew who would be going upstairs next. The house sat silent for a second and we continued to listen wondering what he might be doing, and then, he exploded,"Ma-oom! Da-aad! Up. Gate. Help. Please. Drink. Juice. Please. Dog. Ball. More." It was like every word he can say. We bit our lips and dropped our jaws laughing at what he could possibly be thinking, but it was simple; he was protesting going to bed.

He went through the list of words a few times and finally I said, "Good night, honey."

After screaming some more, we heard the feet again, and back into his carbed he climbed. A few minutes later, I walked upstairs to see him asleep. Bed time, it's sure not easy when they're little. Getting up in the morning, that's my favorite.