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Final Three Weeks of Pregnancy

I’m now heading through my final three weeks of pregnancy. It has been a looong pregnancy and it is almost over. I cannot wait to see my son, and hold him in my arms, and feed him the rich milk of my breasts. My heart is pounding deeply with excitement, anxiety, and many other happy feelings. My two-year-old daughter is going to be a big sister. Andrew and I are proud of her progress. We saw her go through too much together, and we love our 1st daughter like no other. As the parents to be of our first son, we couldn’t be any prouder of our children. One is already here breathing 2012 air, growing into a beautiful toddler, and the other is growing in my womb. As we feel him kick, we wonder what other wonders life is willing to hand our way. I am proud to be a mom. I was born for this. This is why I am alive.

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