Finally, My Vacation Awaits

by admin

Finally, My Vacation Awaits

It’s been a weird summer.

It’s strange that I am headed to Martha’s Vineyard on this, one of the final weekends of the summer. My girlfriends and I have been doing this trip for years and it’s always been scheduled in July. But for some reason this year, we couldn’t get our collective acts together. One was traveling, one was at her lake house, I was working a lot. So we settled on this weekend, the one and only weekend we could all make it.

It’s not an ideal weekend for me. Tommy is coming back from a week in western NY with my in-laws tomorrow night. I won’t be here when he arrives. I’ll confess I do feel a bit guilty about it, but I’m sure once I am enjoying a fine meal sans chicken nuggets, I will be okay. It’s been a weird week around here with just one child. My husband and I don’t know what to do with ourselves. Usually we’re playing what he describes as man-on-man defense. Not this week. And Brendan, our younger one, seems to be enjoying his time as an “only child.” After all, he is the second son. He’s never really had us to himself. Ever!

When I return from Martha’s Vineyard I’ll meet my husband and the boys on Cape Cod for our family vacation. This, too, is at a weird time of year. When we get back, it’s immediately time to start school. First grade orientation is that Wednesday. Preschool orientation is Friday. I don’t think it was wise to schedule vacation this way. There are school clothes to buy, supplies to obtain, lunch boxes and backpacks to order, soccer schedules to get on the calendar. It’s all arrived just a little too soon!

This year I feel very unprepared. And the cool evenings of the past week are a reminder that the so-called lazy days of summer are turning into mere minutes.

September is on my doorstep. I am definitely not ready.