Firefly Time

by admin

Firefly Time

Before street lights twinkle on, one by one,
Or the first star lies within the cradle of a moon,
Pajama’d and barefoot, the children come,
In hushed excitement; bedtime comes too soon!

Winking fireflies on the lawn,
guide the feet of fairy spawn,
Dizzy pirouettes delight,
Nonsense rhymes for a summer’s night.

Too soon the front porch light comes on!
Shadows scat, like Tinkerbell and Pan,
The screen creaks, and sweet treats
Entice from Mother’s hand.

A bible story Father tells;
And then a child’s sweet prayer:
A kiss goodnight, turn out the light,
Good angels linger there …

And yet the sandman’s sprinkled sand,
From never-when and never-where,
Sends dreams that only children dream,
In the arms of a teddy bear.

{Dedicated to my California niece, Kerry, and her Newborn Twins. Much Happiness in this Magical Time.}