First Date Jitters

by admin

First Date Jitters

Can you remember your first date? Your first kiss? That first tingle up and down your spine? Can you recall the feelings of excitement and nerves because you didn’t know how to act or what to say without sounding, uh, stupid and childish? I know I sure can, and last night, my daughter, Sarah, was standing in the driveway holding her puppy, Hannah, waiting for me to get home from a girl’s lunch out with my friend Alison to share some exciting news with me. 

When we drove in, Sarah was smiling ear-to-ear. I got out of the car and waved goodbye to Alison. Sarah ran up to me, still smiling. 

“You look happy, sweetheart. Did you have a good day at school?” I asked.

“Yes, Mom, I had a great day.”

“So what is making you smile so big?” I asked.

“Well, my friend Lydia might not be able to go to the Winter Formal with me this Saturday.” Sarah said. (Note: Sarah had already purchased her ticket and was going to go with her friend from our neighborhood, Lydia.)

“Ooooh, and the reason for you smiling has nothing to do with going alone, does it? Sarah, sweetie, who asked you to the dance?” I asked, reading her face like a neon sign.

“Nick. Mom, he asked me to go to the dance,” Sarah replied and then she giggled.

“Oh my, sweetie, that is great! I’m so excited for you!,” and I gave her a big hug and got a lick on the face from Hannah. “My goodness, my little girl has been asked out on her first date. Can I cry now?” I said as I looked at Sarah with tears in my eyes.

“Ol, Mom, I’m so happy.” Sarah replied.

“Have you told Daddy yet?” I asked.

“No, Mom. I wanted to share it with you first and talk to you about it first.” Aren’t daughters wonderful? We have a special relationship and I am going to do everything I can to keep it that way.

“Tell me all about it, sweetheart.” I said to Sarah, who was still smiling. And then we walked slowly into the house while she shared with me how Nick asked her to the dance. 

You see, Sarah and Nick have been friends since the first week or so of high school. They have a few classes together and lunch, too, and he has been nice to Sarah and teases with her, too. And we all know what that means, right? 

So, as we walked into the family room, Christmas music playing and Big Bear and the boys working on putting up the Christmas tree and lights, I called Big Bear aside to tell him it was time to buy that rifle. (Just kidding.)

“Oh, really now. Should I go out right now?” Big Bear responded.

“Well, not so fast. Our little girl has been asked out on her first date to the Winter Formal.” I said.

“Wow. And you remember your karate, right?” Bob said. (Note: Sarah is a brown belt in karate, having taken seven years in Maryland, and was one belt away from being a black belt when we moved to North Carolina three years ago. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find anyone who teaches Tai jitsu (Ju Jitsu) here, but hope to get her back in the swing of her martial arts soon.)

Put it this way: Sarah could probably take him out if he got fresh. 

I’m so proud of her. My little girl is growing up, and now I am thinking about my own first date and smiling ear-to-ear.

So, what is my little girl going to wear to her first formal? What accessories is she going to wear? What shoes?! Oh dear, I suppose now she’ll start spending hours on end locked in the bathroom experimenting with makeup and hairstyles.