First Day of Kindergarten

by admin

First Day of Kindergarten

Today Ethan is officially a kindergartner. He went to school on his first day with excitement and a tiny bit of hesitation. As I walked away to my car, leaving him on the playground with teachers and new friends, I remembered the first time I ever touched his precious sweet little head.

He was born early in the morning—a Tuesday morning in May. I reached down and felt the top of his tiny head and knew right away he would break my heart a million times. Today he did just that. But it’s a sweet heartbreak, one of those where you know all is in its Divine Order and all seems completely right in the Universe. He’s growing up. So fast I can’t stay caught up.

And I’m so proud of the young boy he’s become. He’s just as I dreamed he would be and so much more. I pray he’ll always stay so sweet and kind, so smart and loving. That goodbye on the playground today was as much a growing experience for me as for him. I’m no longer the mother of a toddler. He’s a big boy now and doesn’t need me as much as he used to. But “as long as I’m living, my baby he’ll be.”