The First Road Trip with a One-Month-Old

by Amy in Boston

The First Road Trip with a One-Month-Old

My newborn is almost one month old. I need to drive from Boston to Philadelphia with him in tow—alone!


No joke, I pull into this Mobile in Southington, CT (about two hours into the six-hour trip) to feed (breastfeed, mind you) my newborn, my first and only child, my pride and joy. Five minutes into it, we are surrounded by fire trucks. I had no clue what was happening, but there were trucks on three sides (six of them in total). I thought my car was going to explode or something as the fire chief walks towards me. He comes over, I put the window down and ask if there’s a problem. He says, “Miss, nothing for you or your son to worry about, a car at the pump is leaking gas, just let me know when you’re finished feeding him and ready to get back on the road and we’ll move one of the riggs.”


Seriously, my very first road trip with a baby and breastfeeding and all of that jazz . . . and the very first time I have to feed him in a weird location—this is what happens. OMG! Hilarious.