The First Snow

by admin

The First Snow

It was late in the night, and my daughter wanted to walk outside in the newly fallen snow. The moon was full and the air was crisp. I decided to join her, and we both put layers of clothing on.

There is something about the first snow and how it blankets the ground—hiding all the imperfections. As we began to walk down the street, we were amazed how the snow reflected so much light—it didn’t even look like evening.

Our footsteps were the first signs of life on our little street. As we passed a row of large pine trees, the wind was blowing so hard through the branches, it sounded like the waves of the ocean. We stood there and listened, as our breath escaped from beneath our scarves.

We walked on, looking through windows of the homes we passed. Christmas trees sparkled with lights through the frosted windows. We ran and slid in the snow, and I felt just like a little girl again.

The moon directed our path through the night. It seemed like we were the only ones in the world—it was as if time had stood still. It was then I realized, that it is up to each of us to stop time when we can—to create a moment with someone you love. Maybe just sitting by the fire, or talking at the table, or maybe if you’re lucky, you can walk by the light of the moon on a cold and snowy night.