First Trimester Fashion – Avoid “Sizing Up”

by admin

First Trimester Fashion – Avoid “Sizing Up”

You’re pregnant—time for the glowing skin, boundless energy and fabulous maternity fashion your friends have all raved about! Right. Unfortunately what they failed to tell you is that they were talking about the second trimester. The first trimester tends to be full of nausea, food aversions, and clothes that don’t fit. Oh, and don’t forget, no one can tell that you’re pregnant, so you don’t even get the future benefits of bumping the line at the restroom! 

But never fear, there is salvation—at least for your fashion sense. Every pregnant woman goes through that, what seems interminable, time between not fitting in regular clothes and not fitting in maternity clothes. Do not cave to the temptation of buying your favorite jeans in the next size up. It will only make you look and feel every extra pound you have put on, and won’t do anything to help your case in the bathroom line!

Fortunately, there are many new maternity clothes for women in their first trimester. Trendy pieces like empire waist shirts are designed to grow with you. Or, if you want to put off the maternity clothes for later on, there are some ways to make your un-pregnant clothes more comfortable. 

Keep pants unbuttoned and shirts untucked. Loop a rubber band through the buttonhole of your pants and then wrap it around the button. Products like the Bella Band, Belly Belt Button Up and Belly Belt Slide offer other accommodating options for your pants! And, instead of sizing up, you may want to invest in some athletic wear with an elastic waist. You’ll be comfortable but you can wear clothes like this well beyond the pregnancy!

By Stacy Denney, founder of Barefoot & Pregnant