Five Ways to Get Your Child Ready for School

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Five Ways to Get Your Child Ready for School

Do you have a child starting a preschool or Kindergarten this fall? Here are five tips how you can get your child ready for entering school world.

1. Crafts and drawing, cutting, gluing, and tracing are great for motor skills, and prepare for school.

2. Picnics. The picnics are a great way to practice making a school lunch. Talk about favorite foods, go grocery shopping together, and let kids pick food items. Talk what kind of school lunches your child would like. Making familiar lunches for school will bring back memories of summer picnics and make school less scary place for preschoolers or Kindergartners.

3. Visit the school and let your child to interact with other children! Spend time at playgrounds to see other children—maybe even new classmates.

4. Shopping. No, really! Shopping for school items is another step closer to starting the school and making it less scary. Let children pick their folders, pencil cases, and erasers they want.

5. Read books and go to library! Read books at least once a day, and get children excited about reading.

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