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10 Holiday Gift Ideas To Feed Your Foodie Friend's Chic Style

Whether she's an award-winning chef or a self-proclaimed one, she deserves to have the coolest, cutest kitchen gadgets out on the market. From elegant designer items to accessories that remind her of her childhood (hello, adult ring pops), one of these holiday gift ideas is sure to please the fierce foodie on your Christmas list.

Hand Candy

1 / 10


Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly, lolly — bring back her favorite childhood treat with a bigger and better version that she can customize however she likes with this Ring Jewel Ice Pop Mold. Wearable tech may be all the rage, but we're kind of into wearable food, which makes us want to put a ring on it (us) ($12;!

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Photo: Uncommon Goods

But First, Brunch

2 / 10


Brunch hard or go home is her motto, which is why this is one of our top holiday gift ideas this year. This simple, graphic crewneck will be her best friend after a hard night out on the town, but it will make the next morning a little easier when she's scrambling to find something to wear for a pancake extravaganza with her girl gang ($79;

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Photo: Nordstrom

Punchy Pineapple

3 / 10


The golden girl who's a little sweet, but a little fiesty, needs this tumbler in her life. She's always on her A game, so get her something she can sip on whether she's cooking in girl boss mode at work or shopping all day 'til she drops ($34.95;

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Photo: Amazon

Marvelous Marble

4 / 10


Cheese, please! If your fave gal pal already has wine and gouda for dinner every night, she just might convert the pairing into its own food group when you give her this. Plus, marble makes for dreamy flat-lay food pictures that she'll thank you for everytime the Instagram likes start rolling in ($200;

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Photo: Neiman Marcus

Recipe Ready

5 / 10


While she keeps most of her recipes on digital boards these days, there's no excuse not to have a hard copy of favorite meals with this whimsical recipe book, especially when she's a foodie. With colors that pop and precious patterns, this Kate Spade keepsake is a must for all vibrant cooking queens ($33.98;

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Photo: Amazon

Busy Bee

6 / 10


Your friend doesn't mess around when it comes to productivity, but she'll surely have fun checking tasks off her list as she refuels on caffeine in this thermal mug. If she's not one to state the obvious, like this "I Am Very Busy" cup, she's still sure to love one of the other five more-understated designs ($14;

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Photo: Bando

Personal Pin

7 / 10


Pineapples, dogs, owls—oh my! Yes, you can combine her hobbies and have just about any of her favorite things printed all over a rolling pin. Unexpected, yes. But what better way to show you care than with something she never would have thought of for herself ($22.95 and up;

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Photo: Etsy

Dotted Darling

8 / 10


She can't call herself the ruler of the kitchen without having the official uniform. This is one of our top holiday gift ideas because these preppy, polka dots are so stylish she might have trouble taking them off when she's out of the kitchen ($30;

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Photo: Nordstrom

Candy Couture

9 / 10


Introduce her to what will be her new favorite bar: Dylan's Candy Bar (which was started by Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan). The stylish candy craze has been taking the fashion world by storm recently with covetable containers and fabulous flavors, so give her a taste of fun with this assorted holiday tackle box ($28;

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Photo: Neiman Marcus

Is Butter a Carb?

10 / 10


Butter: the secret to every delicious meal, ever. Why not help her dress up everyone's favorite ingredient with a precious dish that'll make everyone at the table smile ($20;

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Photo: Etsy

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