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20+ Genius Ways to Eat Pizza

It is pretty safe to say that almost everyone loves a good pizza, whether it's a simple margherita pizza, or one topped with loads of meat. These 21 pizza-inspired recipes will take your love of pizza to a whole new level. Grab a napkin and check out these delicious recipes below!

Take your love of pizza to new levels with these pizza-inspired recipes. From pizza boats to pizza soup, you can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Pizza aficionados and foodies will love these unique dishes.

Healthy Options
Almost everyone agrees that the original thing is pretty much perfect, but for those of us trying to eat healthier, there's still a way to keep pizza on the menu.

Healthy Ways to Eat Pizza2

1. Zucchini Boats 2. Quinoa Bake 3. Bell Pepper Pizzas

For Dough Lovers
If you would like to go beyond traditional pizza but love pizza crust, these dough and bread based recipes are perfect for you.

Dough Lovers Pizza Recipes

1. Stuffed Pretzels 2. Pull Apart Bread 3.Pizza Roll-Ups

The Perfect Lunch
Getting a pizza fix doesn't require a traditional pie. These pizza-inspired recipes are perfect for lunch, let you try something new, and still have the flavors you love.

Lunch for Pizza Lovers

1. White Grilled Cheese Pizza 2. Pizza Soup 3. Mac & Cheese Pizza Cups

Make it a Meal
These mouth watering pizza-inspired recipes are perfect for dinner and will speak to the die-hard fan.

Meals for Pizza Lovers

1. Portobello Caps 2. Ham & Mushroom Stromboli 3. One Pot Pasta Bake

Small but Tasty
From dips to twists, these small but tasty pizza-infused recipes are show stoppers that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Mini Bites for Pizza Lovers

1. Pepperoni Pizza Pockets 2. Pepperoni Pizza Twists 3. Mini Caprese Deep Dish Pizzas

Snack on These
If you're craving a little more pizza in your life, try out these crazy good snack recipes. They are perfect for sharing, but you might not want to.

Snack Sized Pizza Bites

1. Pizza Nachos 2. Popcorn Bites 3. Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Pizza Inspired Appetizers
Everyone will go crazy for these mouth-watering appetizer recipes that bring the flavor of your favorite pizza in finger-food form.

Pizza Inspired Appetizers

1. Pepperoni Pizza Puffs 2. Cheesy Pepperoni Sticks 3. Pepperoni Pizza Potato Skins

Bella Bucchiotti is a Vancouver-based food blogger and college student. Find more recipes like these at xoxoBella.

Bella Bucchiotti

Bella Bucchiotti is a college student living in British Columbia, Canada. Her blog, xoxoBella, highlights her love for food, fashion, friends, fitness and having fun.

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